AFAP is an overseas aid fund approved for tax deductibility by the Australian Government.

Our Partnership with AFAP allows donors a tax deduction for donations. AFAP partners with local Australian fundraising groups and in-country NGO’s to provide aid and development experience. AFAP has had a 10 year relationship with the Glencoe Foundation.

Case study: Bangladesh-from 2014 Annual Report.

Manir, a young boy from Bangladesh, was born with congenital bilateral clubfoot. His father, Suntan Ahamed, recognised his deformity when he noticed that Manir’s feet were turned inwards. When their doctor explained that Manir’s condition needed to be fixed surgically, Sultan became discouraged, knowing that his family would never be able to afford it.

“I felt like asking again and again why Almighty would burden my family with this,” said Sultan, distraught that his son would be forced to suffer the pain, indignity and inconvenience of not being able to walk normally.

In support of families like Sultan and Manir’s AFAP funds the Walk for Life (WFL) program, which provides free non-surgical clubfoot treatment to children under the age of three. The WFL program operates in 49 district hospitals and has treated over 10,000 feet in just five years. They train and provide support to orthopaedic surgeons and physiotherapists with the ultimate goal of handing the program over to the government of Bangladesh to retain the knowledge and skills within the country.

Sultan was overjoyed when discovered the free treatment provided by WFL. He took Manir to the clinic, and after eight treatments his clubfoot had been corrected. He has since returned to school and we wish him all the best in the future.

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