Past 10 years

In October 2003 Colin met with Sere Treloggen. Sere was born in 1990 in Thursday Island . Since 1994, he has lived with his foster parents, Gloria and John Jeffries in Tully. Sere is a very remarkable young man. He is intelligent, cheerful and has a great sense of humour. He is focused on completing his education and to quote him "just being a normal young man".


Sere is an exceptional young man. He was born in 1990 in the Torres Islands. Sere has cerebral palsy: this does not stop him from enjoying life! He now lives in Tully Queensland with his foster parents Gloria and John Jeffries. The aim of our project is to encourage Sere in his schooling and in developing his skills. We were introduced to Sere by Patsy Birregaard at Queensland Health in Cairns.

The Foundation has contributed to the purchase of a Pathfinder machine. Sere types in what he wishes to say and then activates a button and the machine speaks for him.

In July 2004 we brought Sere and Gloria to Melbourne for a holiday: they had a great time. They were well looked after by the Vietnamese Scholarship students

at International House. Phuong, Linh, Hang and Giang had already visited Sere at his home in Tully. Rupert visited Sere in Cairns in early 2005 and keeps in contact with Sere and his family.

Sere made the transition to Secondary school smoothly. He did exceptionally well in his Mathematics results.